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Today, Abrusley Ashy Group is comprised of companies which have a reach in a multitude of different industries of business.  Beginning in food wholesale distribution in 1983, as Oasis Food Service, Abrusley Ashy Group continues to offer clients in the hospitality industry unmatched service, with sales to restaurants, schools, institutional facilities, hotels and casino gaming establishments.    

After branching out from wholesale distribution, AAG started a new division of Oasis Foods in 2006, which began with private labeling products and from there, business continued to grow in manufacturing with several products in which offered direct sales to other distribution companies through a redistribution model of business.  

The redistribution and manufacturing business is one of the most fastest growing sectors of business, due to the widespread shortage in the food supply chain and products across the Nation. From the farm, to the table, AAG has the relationships and resources to take a multitude of  product through the stages of the supply chain and final delivery to their customer, no matter the customer.   

With over 19 years in the Real Estate industry, Abrusley Ashy Group offers real estate sales, business consulting services, and property & casualty insurance through their licensed Managing Director, Shadi Abrusley and group of affiliate companies which he has relationships.  These sectors of business are where AAG has also seen a tremendous growth, as through these sectors, AAG is able to network and offer solutions for many small business clients in the current economic climate.

Overall, Abrusley Ashy Group, as a company, is focused on being solutions based, so that as a whole, AAG offers much needed products and services to all customers. 











the team


Shadi Abrusley

Managing Director 

(All Divisions)

Nour Shadid Abrusley

Accounting & Finance

(All Divisions)

Wedad Ashy Abrusley

President of Food Service

(Oasis Foods, Inc./Oasis Logistics)

Samia Abrusley Khoury

Accounting Dept / Food Service

(Oasis Foods, Inc./Oasis Logistics)

Kinan Shadid

Business Development 

(All Divisions)

Omaia Abrusley

Culinary Director

(All Divisions)

Josh Smith

VP Sales & Marketing

(All Divisions/UniverSale Group)

Taylor Smith

Quality Assurance & Control

(All Divisions/Retail)

Jeff Powers

VP of Operations

(SWMD/Oasis Logistics)

Brian Spindler


(SWMD/Oasis Logistics)

Monica Rideaux 

Project Manager (USA)

(All Divisions)

Marcos Gomez

Project Manager (Venezuala)

(All Divisions)


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