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Outside of food service distribution, which reaches to the restaurant end user, AAG operates a division company, Southern Redistribution Company, LLC, which strictly provides products through a redistribution model directly to other distribution customers.  Through a partnership with numerous FDA and USDA manufacturing facilities across the globe, Southern Redistribution has an extensive portfolio of products ranging from frozen and refrigerated foods, to a full line of disposable products, in which are sold to broadline distribution companies around the States.  With distribution points across two States and working out of four warehouse locations, products are easily moved around by all methods of transportation: land and sea. 

SRC keeps close relationships with their manufacturing partners to maintain a high level of product security, so the distribution customers are aware of any disturbance within the supply chain.  Currently, all rail and sea shipments are handled by our in house logistics team within the Houston and Dallas, Texas offices.  All outbound freight is shipped via our asset based fleet, along with our network of dedicated carriers.




Our Customers 

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